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Documentary work

Family photo from 'Belfast Stories'.
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Claire has been working as a self-shooting director in the British broadcasting industry for the last 14 years on network shows such as Wife Swap, What not to Wear and Place in the Sun. She was nominated twice in 2009 for Royal Television Society Awards as director of two films about young people and relationships, produced as part of the ‘Lifeproof’ series for Channel 4.

As development producer at Flame TV she was responsible for shows such as the BBC1 Documentary ‘Don’t Hit My Mum’, shown as part of the Children in Need season and Missing Millions (ITV1), the series reuniting people with money in long forgotten bank accounts.

Currently Claire is working on a film project ‘Belfast Stories’, tracing the path of her own family from Poland to Belfast and their life there over the course of the 20th Century.